Monday, March 15, 2021

Bits and Pieces

     I enjoy cooking, planning menus, and working with food. 
    How ever I also really enjoy my day off on Sundays. Usually Rosie Mae will take over the kitchen then. Yesterday, Steven insisted he wants to cook for us.
    He had found a recipe he wanted to make, and with all the time he has spent in the kitchen helping me, we agreed he is capable and could be the one preparing the meal.
    He made a lovely, and super delicious risotto.
    Afterwards he told me he had not expected his arm to become so tired from all the stirring he had to do.
    I'm so happy he enjoys cooking, and my Mama's heart thrills in watching him take on challenges like this and succeeding.

    Our snow has melted, revealing all the twigs, branches, and other debris winter always seems to leave behind.
    The grass along the road is completely buried under tiny gravel and what ever it is the snowplows kept spreading on the road.
    I'm not looking forward to cleaning it up. I can almost feel blisters on my hands just thinking about all the effort it will take to restore the yard back to its pre-winter condition.
    On Saturday we had an interesting day. There were errands we had to run in the morning, and again in the afternoon. In-between, we got to attend the baby shower for Kenneth and Paige's eagerly awaited baby.
    I'm thinking of starting a small journal to document my ventures into Walmart. It seems something "interesting" always happens.
    Recently the cart sprayer/sanitizer guy ran after me and my cart. Apparently he hadn't gotten around to it yet and so he gave both it and my arms a quick spray.
    I was speechless, more than a little indignant, and immediately my arms itched horribly. I dashed off to the restroom to wash the stuff off.


  1. Congratulations on the grandbaby!

  2. How exciting to become grandparents! Congratulations to Kenneth and Paige! Sorry that the cart sprayer so rudely sprayed you. Too bad he didn't think to ask you to step away from the cart first.

  3. Congratulations on the new grandbaby coming! Nothing better than being a grandparent. I have 5 wonderful grandchildren.
    OH MY WORD!! he actually sprayed you! How awful.

  4. Good job for Steven in cooking for you. I think it's good for boys to be able to cook too. Both of our boys were taught the basics and our 32 year old who is now engaged thanks me all of the time for teaching him to cook and clean since he's lived alone for 10 years in Japan.
    Congrats on the expected grandbaby. There is nothing like a grandchild, one of God's greatest blessings in life.
    I'm sorry you got sprayed. You really would have thought he would have asked you to step back.

  5. How Lovely A New Baby ~a Brand New Generation
    So Exciting

    Well Done To Steven

    Congratulations and All Good Wishes To Everyone x

  6. it is wonderful for the younger generation to learn cooking skills.

  7. Congratulations on becomings a grandmother, you'll have so much joy to share with little him or her... As for blisters, I learned that placing good quality band aids where you typically blister will help prevent blisters.

  8. Glad Stevem's first cooking adventure was a success.

    Good luck with the yard.

    Congratulations on the soon to be grandbaby.

  9. Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild!


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