Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Wednesday Hodgepodge

 1. Have you done more binge watching this past year than in 'normal' years? Any plans to break that habit in 2021? Tell us one or two shows you binged last year that you really liked. 

If anything, I think we watched less. 

And 2021 we hope to continue watching even less. There are so many things we really enjoy doing that it's not that difficult to choose 'doing' instead of watching. 

We didn't binge on any shows last year.

2. January 26th is Australia Day. Have you ever visited or lived in Australia? Have you ever tasted Vegemite, and if so what did you think?  Is a trip down under on your bucket list? We answered a question about travel three months ago (the October 21st Hodgepodge), but let's revisit now...where are you when it comes to planning or even imagining travel this year? 

I have never been to Australia, but I think it would be interesting to visit someday.

When it comes to planning travel this year, we will be staying in the U.S.  Even those plans hinge on how things will look by the time we're ready for a get-away. What's the fun of a vacation if restaurants and points of interest are closed?

3. Something that zaps your energy? Something that energizes you? 

Facebook ... I've been unfollowing so many people on there. We remain friends, but I no longer have their posts showing up in my newsfeed.  I don't care if your guy won or lost the election. I don't want to hear about it. I don't care if you believe every conspiracy theory out there, or don't believe any of them, I don't want to hear about it. I don't care if you are for or against vaccines, I don't want to hear about it. I don't care if you think everyone should wear a mask or that they're not worth wearing. I don't want to hear about it. It all makes me feel so very weary. All those wearisome topics almost make the MLM posts bearable.

Some things that energize me are reading the Bible, spending time with our family, drawing, painting, cooking, baking, and so many other things.

There is still so much to enjoy about life, I will not allow Facebook to rob me of my joy.

4. On a scale of 1-10 what are your eating habits like these days? (1=all junk food all the time and 10= juicing every green thing in the frig) Healthiest meal you've eaten in the last week or so? 

I'm probably around a seven or eight. I don't juice, but I love vegetables. I'm not eating junk food, though I did taste the frosting on the cake Sharon made yesterday. We tried a new recipe that was supposed to be light and fluffy, and not as sweet as regular butter cream frostings  It may have been just a tiny bit less sweet, but I didn't like it very well. We'll not be making it again.

The healthiest meal I've eaten recently consisted of baked salmon, broccoli, and a leafy salad.

5. What's your most often 'Back in my day....' thing to say? 

I try not to say a lot of back in my day things ... most of the time it involves something from our Amish days which is met with less than enthusiastic response from our children.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

The rock tumbler is done tumbling. The rocks have turned out so pretty, that it was almost worth all the noise we endured to get them to this point.


  1. Rock tumbler? I hope you post a picture of the rocks.
    Facebook definitely saps my energy, too, but I stay on it to communicate with my friends and family. Just keep on scrolling is my motto.

  2. Ditto on facebook. I try to post uplifting and helpful posts. I'm so tired of politics.
    I have only watched a bit of TV this year. Basically the Inaguration because I think each one is a part of history. Mostly if I'm "watching" something it's a utube knitting video. I have made several friends on those that are like-minded Christian women. I prefer the postive videos like theirs and we can also share our hobby of knitting and crocheting, often for charity.
    We are hoping to travel to London this year sometime to attend our son's wedding. It has had to be postponed twice already because of the virus. He really wants us to be there and his Dad to perform the wedding. We keep telling them to go ahead and get married and we'll come as soon as we can and we can do another ceremony with family and friends around. It seems a shame to keep putting their life together on hold because of this virus. So many people are dealing with this and it's just sad. I try to turn it over to the Lord and accept the things I can't change. That can be difficult when it pertains to your children and their lives. :-) I just want them to be healthy and happy.
    Blessings and love,

  3. I have recently become a big fan of salmon. The best part is that it's good for us! Have a great week.

  4. So right with Facebook...I only look at my friends' pictures they send of their grandchildren...too ugly for me.

  5. Salmon baked with asparagus is one of our favorite meals. A green salad on the side completes the meal. Good for you on the FB issue. I only scan my notifications but no scrolling.

  6. 1 of my sons had a rock tumbler; man, was it noisy!!!
    I'm right with you with the whole FB and all of SM...I'm so over it.

  7. Glad the rock tumbling noises were sort of worth it. Sorry that lower sugar frosting recipe didn't work out though.


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