Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Bits and Pieces

    For some reason birds have begun flying into one of our windows semi regularly.
    They're not simply attacking their reflection, but instead flying full speed into the window with a sickening thump, falling on the porch seriously dazed, and sometimes injured.
    I feel so sorry for them.
    Last week there was another thump, bump, followed by silence.
    Not long afterwards Sharon went out to get the mail and came dashing back inside. "There's a bird's heart laying on the porch!" she exclaimed.
     Everyone else had to go see this, and mourn over the poor bird who had been found by our cats before it had been able to gather its wits together and fly off to safety.
     This morning there was another thump, bump, a scared squeak, and then silence. I peered out the window to see if there was a bird in need of protection. I couldn't see anything, so I opened the window to stick my head out to take a better look and promptly thrust it through a spider web. I spluttered and tried wiping it off my face and then there it was. One of our cats having another bird.
    Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I find that it's a horrible feeling seeing this side of nature do its thing.
     Steven organized his drawer of "treasures" and discovered he still has a few coupons he hadn't redeemed.
     One of them was an 'anything' coupon from Sharon. He sat pondering what he could redeem it for when he had an aha moment. "I'll get her to buy me a hotwheel car," he said.
     It was time for Mama to intervene. "Those are meant only for things that don't cost money," I told him. Would you like her to fix your bed, do one of your chores, or play a game with you?"
     He settled on a game, and they're happily playing as I write this.
     For years winter has been my favorite season. The beauty of snow. The coziness of the house as the cold winds blow outside. All the fun winter projects we got to enjoy; sewing, crafts, and things along that line. The long happy evenings of reading, puzzles, and board games. The cooking and baking ... ah, I loved it all.
     It's snowing right now. The house is cozy, the projects are there, and everything I've always loved about winter. But having three family members in three different vehicles, at work saps some of the joy out of winter until they're all back home safely.
    I think fall is now officially my favorite season.
     Homemade bread and taco soup is on the menu for supper tonight. It seems appropriate given the weather.


  1. I understand your feelings about the birds and then the cats having a free lunch.I have never liked that, even though it is simply nature doing what it does.I also don't like seeing a hawk dine on one of my feeder birds.

  2. Oh, I would feel the same about the birds and cats. I can't stand to see an animal hurt or in pain even though I'm told it's the cycle of life.
    I know exactly how you feel about having your family home. It's one of the reasons I don't like winter very much once the snow starts flying.

  3. We saw some of these methods (in the link below) to help stop birds flying into windows at the zoo. Maybe this would help the poor birds by your home? https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/make-your-windows-bird-safe

  4. Ummm, yummm...taco soup and homemade bread...
    Nothing better, especially on a wintery day.

  5. We've used hawk silhouettes stuck to our windows to deter birds flying into the windows, seemed to do the trick.
    Like you I now have 3 family members driving to work, I worry about the winter as we live on top of a hill, I will be making sure they have food, water and blankets with them. As yet no snow just rain and more rain! Blessings to you, Diane (UK)

  6. I feel the same about the birds.

    Mmm... Home made bread!

  7. If you put a good sized silhouette decal of something on your window, the birds will be warned off. The decals I use you can peel off, they just cling to the glass.


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