Thursday, July 11, 2019

Picture our Summer

We've been having rain, rain, and more rain. A day can begin beautifully sunny, but at some point during the day it begins to grow dark, and rain and storms move in.

With all the rain keeping him indoors, Steven has been buried in books. He has always loved books, but has turned into a complete bookworm this summer.

One of our friends invited us to join her and her daughter on a day trip to visit a lavender farm. It was absolutely gorgeous there. We enjoyed sampling their lavender flavored lemonade, jams, chocolates, and ice cream. I was surprised by how much I liked it, and came home with a jar of the jam for the rest of the family to enjoy as well,

I would never have thought to do something like this, but they had windows with flowerboxes scattered all around the farm, and encouraged guests to take as many pictures as they liked.

A sign outside of the store on the lavender farm amused me.

 Wild flowers have been blooming in abundance this year. I'm particularly fond of black eyed susans.

The wildlife activity behind our house has also increased. It's no longer unusual to see deer there. Turkeys, raccoons, squirrels, and hundreds of birds keep us entertained.

Sharon, Steven, and I took advantage of a few hours between rain showers to go on a hike, Steven was sure he didn't want to wear shoes, but the gravel on the trail got to be a bit much after a while. He asked to share Sharon's pair of flip flops, and being the sweet, sharing sister she is, she gave them to him. In return he gave one back, and so they both hobbled up the trail with only one flip flop for a few minutes.

Rosie Mae has been making lots of macarons, in hopes of creating some with the perfect "feet". She had plans on sharing these with friends from Canada who were stopping in, but wasn't satisfied with how they turned out, so Sharon asked if she can have them. 

Rosie Mae plopped the entire tray full on her lap and said, "Have at them." Sharon was thrilled, but the rest of the family helped her eat them. These chocolate flavored ones are so, so good!

We attended the wedding of one of LV's nephews. The wedding cake my multi-talented sister-in-law made looked lovely.


  1. What a beautiful wedding cake! I like the idea of the window frames and boxes to display flowers.

  2. My goodness a stunning cake. You have a very talented sister in law.

  3. We went to a lavender farm on the island of Jersey, some years ago. The air was so scented, it was lovely. I grow lavender for the bees in my garden.

  4. I agree - that cake is simply lovely!

    Eldest Daughter grew lavender before she moved. The bees absolutely loved it! With honey bees in decline, this is a Good Thing.

  5. That is a beautiful lavender farm. The window idea is a great one. I have a lavender plant that I bought at a farm that was in a 4 inch pot. Now it's 4 1/2 to 5 foot across and I have to figure out how to split it. It's gorgeous though.
    Such a beautiful wedding cake! Your sister in law is blessed with a talent she can share with others.
    I think Rosie Mae might have the same skill. Those macaroons look delicious.

  6. How fun to go a lavender farm. Love the sign they had there. Chocolate Macarons, Mmmm! The wedding cake is beautiful, wow! How nice of sister to share her flip flops too :-)

  7. Gorgeous cake!
    I have a bottle of Lavender spray that I bought at a lavender farm. I use it for insect bites, all kinds of things.

  8. I love the smell of lavender, wish we had a farm around here. Macaroons... I love them but I don't ever think to make them. What a sweet sister to share her shoes.

  9. It all sounds lovely. I've had lavender syrrup before... Made it myself too. Not tried lavender jam or ice-cream though.

    That's sweet about them sharing the flip flops.

  10. what a fabulous wedding cake and so cute about the shared flip flops...
    Amazing to see such a bookworm but so awesome at the same time.
    I love those photo opps at the lavender farm. Very thoughtful and picture perfect.

  11. I ejoyed your story and pictures of the lavendar farm. What a beautiful wedding cake! Vivian Furbay


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