Saturday, January 26, 2019

Busy Family

    One little known fact about me ... I love cookbooks, trying new recipes, and working in the kitchen.
    Okay, long time readers of my blog may already know that. Judging by the stacks of cookbooks I check out from the library regularly I'm sure the librarians know it. Receiving cookbooks as gifts may be a sign that friends and family know it as well. I guess it may not be such a little known fact after all.
   A little over a month ago I received a new cookbook, Busy Family Menu Planning. I paged through it a little, noting the many different recipes that I wanted to try. It was close to Christmas though, and I had already planned our menus until after the holidays which meant it took a little time before I returned to my new cookbook.

   Once I did though, oh my! I love it! It stands out above all the other cookbooks I have ever used. First of all, I want to make every single recipe in the book. That's huge! No other cookbook has ever come close to that. Oh, we've attempted cooking our way through a cookbook before, but there were always so many things we didn't care for that we gave up. This cookbook has recipe after recipe of things I know my family will love. All of them! I will finally be able to cook my way through an entire cookbook, with the family appreciating everything I make.
    What makes this cookbook extra special is that it is set up into ten weeks. Each week has a menu prepared with recipes for breakfast and dinner, and a convenient complete shopping list. It makes it so easy! I love menu planning, but I've really been loving having it planned out for me already.
    We have a birthday coming up soon, and the one celebrating has already requested her favorite (so far) from the book for her birthday dinner. Chicken and Dumplings, made in the slow cooker.

     I really can't say enough about how much I love this book. I love that there are full color pictures of each recipe and easy instructions. I love the pre-planned menus and shopping lists. I love that it easily lays flat and you don't have to struggle to have it remain open at the correct recipe as you're cooking. And of course I love all the delicious recipes. The first evening I used it I managed to get something on one of the pages. I was so disappointed in myself, but wouldn't you know it ... with the semi gloss paper the pages are made of I was able to wipe it off without any damage to my new book.
    Last evening I reached out to the creator of this cookbook to tell her how much I love it, and that I'm planning to write about it on my blog. I was not asked to do a review, I simply wanted to share about a cookbook that has a cookbook lover like me, excited.
    She offered to share a link where you can sign up with your email and receive week one of menu planning, shopping list, and recipes to download, for free! So generous! You can do that here.
    You can order your own copy of the cookbook here.
    So far it seems each week of menus is better than the previous one, and every single recipe we've made has been delicious. I can't wait to cook my way through the remainder of the book, and then continue using it regularly in the years to come. It's a true gem in the world of cookbooks, and I'd love if you could use it to cook along with me.


  1. I downloaded the free PDF, and was pleasantly surprised that it included a section of extras. I'll be making the biscuits this weekend, and I can't wait to try the honey mustard dressing. It looks like it might finally be one that I've been trying to recreate from restaurants.

    Thanks so much for sharing, I have placed the cookbook on my birthday wish list.

  2. Thank you! I downloaded the sample and am excited to give it a try. Dinner burn out here...☺

  3. Thank you for your awesome review. It makes me beyond happy to know others are enjoying the recipes, even while having the dinner burden lightened a bit.

  4. I completely agree. Of the cookbooks I have, I only used them on occasion because they often require some obscure ingredient. Mrs. Anderson's cookbook has been a huge blessing and I have used it on an almost daily basis since I received it. I know that it took a lot of hours writing, cooking, staging photo, and editing formats to make this cookbook! Thank you for your sacrifice of time to make our lives easier as life never seems to slow down!


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