Monday, August 7, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window ... it's a little overcast and the air feels like rain. A few deer munching alfalfa in the hayfield on the hill above the barn makes me think it will rain before long. Having them come out during the day like this always seems to be a better indicator of bad weather than the barometer we have.

I am thinking ... how disappointing it is when you try a new food and it doesn't taste anything close to what you imagined it would. We tried our first whole coconut yesterday. There was nothing about it that tasted like I thought a coconut should taste.

I am thankful ... for windows that tilt in to wash. As often as it's necessary to wash the outside it would be a pain if I had to drag out a ladder and clamber up and down to get them all washed.

One of my favorite things ... my fluffy housecoat. It's been surprisingly chilly in the morning recently, and we're certainly not turning on the heat in August, so housecoat to the rescue.

I am creating ... memories. Nothing monumental, but hopefully the children will someday look back fondly on the days of Mom being elbow deep in some science experiment, reading books, singing, and cooking together.
I am wearing ... a shirt that says The American Bible Challenge across the front. I received it from a contest I had entered several years ago. It's not the prettiest shirt, actually quite far from it, but it's super comfortable.

I am reading ... a book by Janette Oke. It's okay. I used to be a huge fan of all her books, but this newest one isn't quite measuring up, or maybe my tastes have been changing.
I am watching ... The Great British Baking Show. It's one of my favorite cooking shows, the accents, the location, the things they bake. Really I like pretty much everything about it. The competition is much friendlier than on some other cooking competitions I've seen.
I am listening to ...  Sharon practice a new song before heading to her piano lesson later tonight.
I am hoping ... that we'll be able to get some loose ends tied up soon.

I am learning ... how to work some new features on Microsoft Word.

In my kitchen ... there is granola toasting in the oven. We made a huge batch and have been working all afternoon to get it toasted.
Board room ... as in my Pinterest. I'm so sad how the powers that be decided to change things up again and my carefully organized boards have been tumbled about and are now in order of what I most recently pinned to. It makes me feel itchy just looking at it, so I have determined to pin things board by board until I have it back in the right order, and then not pin anything until they hopefully quit this feature.
Shared Quote ... The best portion of your life will be the small nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you. ~ Author Unknown
A moment from my day ... we had some things to take care of in town today. I've seen this mural more times than I can count, and on a whim I took a picture of it this time.

Closing Notes ... you can join in the daybook fun over at The Simple Woman.


  1. Coconuts... The great deceivers!!!! We have tried coconuts several times, well, just because and the taste never ever tasted like the perceived notion of a coconut!!! Haha

  2. I've noticed that coconuts taste bland until you toast them and/or add sugar.

    My daughter and I are quite fond of The Great British Baking Show Fun fact: In the UK it's called The Great British Bake-off. They had to change the name for the U.S. market because Pillsbury owns the "Bake-Off" trademark.

  3. We have always enjoyed the Bake-Off programmes, but they are about to change this Autumn, with new presenters and format.
    Your shared quote is what I base my blog on!

  4. I've never seen the British Baking show. I don't usually watch the reality competitions for just the reason you said maybe this is one I should try. I agree about the coconuts. I tried one in Hawaii and was very disappointed with the flavor. Jeanette Oke has always been one of my favorite authors. I reread all of the books I have of hers many times. I'm sorry you were disappointed in this book end it improves as you read it . I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. I am a pinterest person. Had all my boards organized and am not happy they have messed them all up. You also can not choose the pictures for the front of each board anymore. I use to love magazines but now I feel like pinterest is my own personal one. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. I was told on Pinterest yesterday that I had reached the maximum allowed boards. I deleted some with only one saved to it, some other that were similar I saved pics from one to the larger one. Then deleted the empty ones. Still says I've reached the max. GRRR. I love it overall. Like you it has become my magazines.

  6. I love the Great British Baking Show! Sad it's over. I worked today so up and out early and home at 5:30 so not much of the day to use for my own.

  7. That's a wonderful quote that you included in your post...and so true. The mural is beautiful. Public art is so valuable to communities and uplifting to see. We have a lot of barn quilts around where we live and it's always fun to see the bright colors and patterns.


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