Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  Are there any men or women in blue on your family tree?

No, there are no men or women in blue in my family tree. Instead .... coming from the Amish .... I have quite a few bishops and leaders in my family tree. Let's just say having someone with a title like that stop in uninvited puts a "quiver in your liver" just as much, if not more than any flashing lights ever will.

2. Are you someone who suffers from the Sunday night blues? What helps you get over it?

I don't have trouble with the Sunday night blues. While I thoroughly enjoy weekends, I am also always eager and ready for Monday morning to get here.
3. I read the color blue is an appetite suppressant since there are very few naturally blue foods out there. How do you feel about blue cheese? Love it or blech? If you're a fan, what's something you like that's made with blue cheese?

I enjoy blue cheese, in moderation. Mostly on salads, or in dips, or a delightful bruschetta.

4. We can't head in to the Labor Day weekend without a related question, can we? Complete this thought: I work best when____________________. 

I'm motivated.

5. 'Everything yields to diligence.' Antiphanes Your thoughts? (on this particular quote or on diligence in general)

Everything? I'm not sure I would say it's true for everything. Diligence is a good trait to have though, and most good things you do have, come from being diligent.

6. The National Park Service turned 100 years old on August 25th. Have you been to many of America's National Parks? If so share with us a favorite or two. Which National Park would you most like to visit before the next birthday rolls around?

I have been to a few National Parks. My favorite would probably be Bandelier National Park in New Mexico. I have a dream of being able to visit every National Park in the continental U.S.A. someday.

7.  Bid farewell to August in seven words or less.

Too hot, happy to see you go.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I've been looking at a lot of the pictures I've taken over the past how ever many years, and would really like to get a lot of them printed.

What place would you recommend I check into for printing hundreds, if not thousands of pictures that won't require discovering a gold mine to pay for them?


  1. I print from Shutterfly and they periodically send an email where you can do a penny or two a print. I tend to print a bunch when I get those deals. I'd like to visit all the National Parks too. Enjoy your day!

  2. I have been happy with too.

  3. regularly has sales where you can print 100 photos for a penny each. I have always been happy with them.

  4. I agree with both or They both seems to have great promos frequently. I bet New Mexico is beautiful, never been there.

  5. My August words? I'm glad the smoke will soon be gone. Okay. That was one more than seven words. Sorry! Love your answers today.

  6. I concur with Snapfish and Shutterfly for printing. They both have great deals frequently.

  7. My brother is a retired deputy sheriff and family menfolk have served in the military since George Washington. My heritage is strong and yes, I do like blue cheese.

  8. I like your dream of visiting all the National Parks.

  9. I used to like bleu cheese, until we went to a restaurant and the waitress (or the kitchen) disregarded my request to put the dressing on the side. There must have been a half a cup on that salad! I was too shy to return it and ate it all, the way a well-brought up (eat it or starve!) child would. Haven't been able to stomach the stuff since.

  10. I think it would be fun to visit national parks also. I really like bleu cheese. It's one of my favorite dressings and like the crumbles on salad occasionally.

  11. We have used Shutterfly and Snapfish in the past, both with good results. Also, a decent, photo quality printer is a good investment.

  12. My form of diligence, as a child, was always referred to as "hard-headedness" or stubbornness. :)

    I think that your National Park dream is a great one! I would love to do that, too. The closest one to me is Big Bend.

    Like David said, we've had good experiences with both SnapFish and Shutterfly. Always do a search for coupon codes to use before you make your order. They can really help!

    Have a blessed week. :)


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