Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Our Shoes

Every once in a while when looking through our photo album certain pictures jump out at me for reasons beyond the obvious; where did the time go so quickly, and enjoying trips down memory lane.
This one where Sailor and Rosebud were trying to walk in our shoes made me take a moment to stop and think.
Walking in our shoes as little children is a glimpse of a much bigger picture that goes way beyond a simple pair of shoes. Children tend to follow examples and try to mimic what they see. I'm reminded again this morning what a responsibility that really is.
I'm not a perfect person and I'm hoping my children won't be repeating some of the mistakes I have made in life. While I can't change things in the past I can focus on the future. I can try to make every day as joyful as possible,  I can find things to rejoice in and be thankful for no matter what the situation. I can sing while I work and be enthusiastic about everything I do from the truly fun things, to the mundane task of folding socks. When I do or say something I regret it can provide an opportunity for them to see that their mother isn't perfect, I can repent and apologize for what ever it was and they can also see the work of our loving, forgiving Saviour.
It takes time to develop the character qualities I hope my children will have. Working on being the example for them to follow can be hard, but I'm hoping in twenty years I'll be able to report it was all worth it.


  1. Very wise words from a very wise mother indeed....I love that picture,as I too look back many more years than you have ...I recall my little ones trying to walk in my shoes as well :) Then now, I recall how proud I felt just last night as my three now grown children set with me in church for bible study. They are not perfect adult children,but they are good,honest,responsible adults and to God I am grateful for that! I am for sure and for certain your children will grow up and be quite the blessing to their parents. Although I don't know you personally,from what I have learned from you here, and what the Holy Spirit speaks to my are guiding them so very well. Blessings friend

  2. Darling picture! I believe you are doing well at guiding those precious children.

  3. So true! Looking back on raising my children, there are so many things I would do differenly, but knowly that they all three love the Lord and are active in their churches gladdens my heart.


  4. Darling photo and very wise words MaryAnn! As long as He is with us, we'll find our way!

  5. This is the biggest and best favor you can do for your children.

  6. Very true. What a precious photo!


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