Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My parents had stayed for almost a week and now that they had left for home I had a lot of work to do. Our dear friends from back east had offered to take us on vacation all that we needed to do was choose which state we wanted to explore and we would be on our way.

Digging through my fabric cupboard I selected fabric to make new clothes for our family.  I wanted matching clothes for us to wear everyday that we were on vacation and since we were planning to be gone for almost ten days that meant I had a lot of sewing to do.

I had a lot of fun though sewing everything. Most of the clothes would be used for everyday after we got back but a few of the better fabrics would be saved for Sunday use and all of Sailor's clothes I intended for him to wear when he started school that fall. It seemed almost impossible that he was actually old enough to be starting school and I spent extra time with his clothes making sure everything about them was as neat as possible and every button hole was hand stitched perfectly. I was really looking forward to our vacation and was glad that we could have one more family outing before we had to focus on school.


  1. I admire you ability to sew so much. I used to sew all our own clothes but can no longer do so. Buttonholes have always been my least favorite thing to make, so we went to other options, pullovers or snaps. It will be exciting to see where you choose to go visit and how the visit went.
    Mrs. J.

  2. It sounds like you were really looking forward to this vacation! Making all those clothes...wow..I don't sew very often, But i wish I could sew clothes for my kids. I just can never follow a pattern. Do you make your own patterns and follow that or is the pattern already in your head and you follow it that way?
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I can't even imagine sewing clothes for my entire family. I really admire you!!

  4. Ooooh, we are getting close to the END!! :) I've been a longtime reader and I can't wait to see how the Lord drew you to Him!

  5. I used to always sew matching clothes for my girls and just sort of coordinated the rest of us around that. Sewing clothes for the whole family even once probably would've made me bonkers - YOU GO GIRL!! ;)

  6. You are Super Woman! Sewing that amount of clothing all at once is "gold star" worthy. I'm impressed. Side note: I know that Amish clothing is easier to match than non-amish clothing, but just getting my family to all match once a year for the Christmas Card picture is like pulling teeth. LOL! I dread it every December. So I'm doubly impressed that you made the clothes, AND that they matched.


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