Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday Hiking

The Reimans Country magazine used to have a section called This is God's Country and then shared photos from a different scenic area every month. I had to think of it yesterday afternoon when we went hiking on some of the local trails.
We enjoyed climbing the observation tower on Mount Davis. It was very windy on top and heights have a way of making me dizzy but the breathtaking view was worth it. It wasn't quite as hazy as it usually is and we could see mountains in several different counties, including West Virginia.

After we left the tower area we went a short distance to the Baughman Rocks. This rock field has giant rocks approximately 30 feet high with crevices just wide enough to fall to your death. I didn't venture out very far on the field since heights have a way of getting me discombobulated.

On the way out we noticed a sign sharing a tidbit of history of this particular spot. Not exactly sweet but interesting nonetheless.

I absolutely love the forests in this area. To us they look like forests are supposed to. The woodland floor is covered with ferns and wildflowers which makes spending time in the woods most pleasant. Especially since there aren't many insects at all.
Going a little farther we had an excellent view of High Point lake.

To finish off our enjoyable afternoon we drove to the Ohiopyle in hopes we could watch some white water rafting. The riverbank and park was clogged with people so we didn't stay very long. The next group of white water rafters were suiting up and getting ready to go but we didn't stay to watch. We will definitely be going back so I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

I love calling the Appalachians / Alleghenies my home.


  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure with your blogging friends--the pictures are very good. It sounds like you had a great time :-)

  2. Oh, what a beautiful place you live in...that was some kind of gruesome tidbit of history - what a bad way to be remembered.

    I love the scenery, especially since there are not many bugs (as I'm being chewed up here in the Deep South)...that picture of the forest with the ferns reminds me of a scene from an enchanted forest, all it needs is unicorns and faeries ;-)

    Thanks for this lovely post!

  3. Thank you for sharing your hike and your beautiful pictures with us!


  4. What a beautiful area you live in and what a lovely day you all had together. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos with us. I enjoy your blog so much.
    Mary in PA

  5. Wow this is definately beautiful country! So different from out here in the west!
    That is a sad story on the rocks - Makes kind of for a good ghost tale but poor August!

  6. Scenic lovely.! I love the green color but I was afraid of that observation tower because I am afraid of heights!

  7. I'm with calling the Appalachia's home. Your photos are beautiful and enjoyed tagging along for the ride.

  8. Your pictures are so beautiful and breathtaking! thanks for sharing them with us. We live in the Bluderidge Mountians and enjoy the beautiful sites here as well. God sure knew what he was doing when He made the Heavens and the Earth! :o)

  9. GREAT pictures - I bet it was a lot of fun and a very full day!! ♥

  10. What a fun day. I have never been to the Appalachian's but it looks so beautiful I wish I could. I did have ancestors who loved in the area in the 1800's.

  11. Such beautiful photos and what beautiful country. You truly are blessed to live in such an amazing area, with such a rich history. I really enjoyed "taking a walk with you." Hope you didn't see any snakes!


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