Friday, October 30, 2009

A Favor

When I starting blogging I was looking for a place to jot down some of my memories. I was pleasantly surprised when people actually started reading and following. It wasn't long before Google wanted to have ads on my blog and I thought sure why not? A few extra pennies never hurt anyone. And I attached their annoying little ad sense gadget.

Six months have passed where I patiently frowned at those ads everyday, and finally this morning I got rid of them. And I'm doing a little happy dance while wondering why I didn't do it sooner.  Now I can have anything in my side bar I choose to. I don't have my own etsy store yet so I can't place a link for that, but I do have a friend who makes the cutest Waldorf dolls that I thought would be a shame not to let all of you know about.

Isn't she precious?
And now I would like to ask a favor from anyone who is interested. I have an aunt that is very dear to me who has/is Downs Syndrome. She is having a birthday on November 5th and I would love to have her mailbox filled with birthday cards. If anyone would like to send a card to her, please e-mail me and I will give you her address.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Red Mailbox & Other Thoughts

Several months ago we started our own little mail system when we happened to find these cute little mailboxes. Now when there is something on the children's minds I can expect to find a letter in my mailbox. So far most of them were little love notes and my box where I am saving them is starting to bulge. I really like the system and am looking forward to continuing to use it for years to come.

The mailboxes in the girls rooms, where one of them has a note from Mom waiting to be read.
Recently we took  Sailor and Rosebud to the library and let them get their own library card. They were excited at the thought of being responsible for their own books. Sailor of-course chose a book on building ships and has been poring over it in his spare moments and is in danger of knowing it by heart by the time the book is due back.

After we got home I finally got to read the lengthy list of rules they had given us. And I have been thinking about them since. Somehow I think it's really sad that somewhere along line it was necessary to establish some of these rules. For example rule five states that no bathing is allowed in the restroom. Really?! I can't imagine how anyone could possibly dream up a rule like that unless someone actually tried it. Rule 25 states that it is prohibited to leave a child under the age of 18 after closing time. I can not imagine trying to leave my children there unattended at any time.

After reading the list I am happy to know I am not in any danger of breaking any of their rules and I'm hoping we can conduct ourselves in a manner that no new rules are required because of our conduct on their premises.
After the suggestion of a friend, I will be starting to add a label to each memory post stating the age I was.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Post

With the chill of fall in the air I am once again in the mood to work on sewing projects. Rosebud and Sunbeam always get excited when I start new projects and have the grandest time digging through the piles of fabrics I have stashed away waiting to be used some creative winter day.

They found several yards of this colorful fabric and would love to each have a dress made out of it. The fabric is not what I would want to use for dresses but I would like to make something for them with it since they think it is so pretty. Any ideas what I could make?

I enjoy almost everything about fall. However there is one thing that I have never learned to like and that is the insects that try to get into the house. On Monday evening I wanted to open a door, and since I am not in the habit of checking doorknobs for wasps resting on them I never thought to check and promptly got stung by an irate wasp. Since I am one of those people that overly reacts to stings I was less than happy about it, as I watched my hand begin to swell. I hoped since it was a wasp instead of a bee or yellow jacket it wouldn't be too bad. Though it wasn't as bad it still caused plenty of discomfort, with a pincushion hand and a swollen eye. Thankfully I am getting back to normal, but I am wondering if I shouldn't have an emergency kit on hand to use if I ever get stung again.
Sunbeam's limp is gradually disappearing. Which makes all of us very happy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Things in Life

There are some things in my life that help make it so much sweeter. Like a simple bouquet that was picked and presented to me by my children.

Sitting in front of a cozy fireplace with some good books. (It has actually been chilly enough this fall that the thought of starting a fire in our fireplace has crossed my mind.)

Pretty dishes. I especially like this hand painted water set, I love the colors and it brings back memories that I'll share some other time.
I really like quality oak furniture. One of my brothers made this elaborate desk/curio cabinet when he was fifteen. It makes me think of days gone by and brings back bittersweet memories.

I love the pile of letters I kept that my Mother wrote after we moved so far apart. And even though I am no longer adding new ones to the pile I still thoroughly enjoy going back and rereading the old ones. She didn't waste any space on the pieces of paper and her letters were usually at least three legal pad sheets long. Yummy!

And I really love these people. They are the reason I get up every morning.

What are some thing that help make your life sweeter?