Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It was not unusual for parents to send messages to other families by sending a note to school with their children and they would make sure the right family would get it either by giving it to pupil from that family or if they didn't have any children in school it would be given to someone who passed their house to drop off on their way home.

We didn't get notes very often and it always made me curious what people would have to write so often. But at one noon recess we were all eating when LV dropped a note on John's desk. The day couldn't pass fast enough and we as soon as school dismissed we ran home to give the note to Mom and Daddy.

Daddy read it and said, "How nice! We have been invited to Roy's on Sunday." I couldn't really see anything nice about that since they didn't have any little girls to play with. I couldn't be expected to sit and listen to the grownups talk and I certainly didn't look forward to an afternoon playing with LV.

I was suddenly wishing we would not have received that note or that we would have happened to lose it on the way home. But there was no use in wishful thinking. Daddy had already read it and said we would be going.

Sunday came much too soon and as we were getting ready to leave Mom asked Daddy if she has to use the black baby blanket for Mahlon. Daddy thought it probably would be a good idea since Roy was one of the ministers and black blankets were required to go to church. At this exchange it all of a sudden dawned on me that maybe Mom wasn't extra thrilled at the thought of going to their house either.

Daddy hitched Jim to the buggy and we left. It was a beautiful spring day but I was not enjoying the ride as I continued to dread the thought of having to be in LV's home. When we got there Roy came out to help Daddy unhitch the horse. He shook hands with Mom and me and told us to go into the house. I followed Mom to the porch and stood there looking at all the flower beds surrounding all their buildings. I had never seen such a lovely farm before. Everything was immaculate. As Mom knocked I could hear footsteps and Roy's wife Susie came to the door to welcome us inside. We stepped inside and I felt more uncomfortable than ever. Everything looked new and perfect. There was a huge kitchen dining room and living room all in one large L shape. Everything was gleaming and I suddenly wanted to be back in our own home with small rooms and old windows that made everything look wavy when you looked through them.

As Mom went to help Susie make lunch I followed and stood at the end of the counter to watch. It wasn't long before the menfolk came inside and found a seat in the living room to visit until lunch was ready. After lunch I helped wipe the dishes and once that was done the women joined the others in the living-room. LV John and David were playing with Tinker Toys and a farm set. It looked like fun but I just sat beside Mom.

After a bit Susie told me that I can go play too if I want to, that Nancy Summy always plays with LV when ever they get together. Nancy was my best friend and so encouraged by this bit of news I went to join the boys. I sat down beside John and asked if I can play too and the daggers that shot from LV's eyes more than gave me my answer. And as he hurriedly raked more Tinker Toys toward himself I got up and went out to their sun porch where their daughter Lydia was popping popcorn for an afternoon snack. She starting visiting with me and once she was done she got a game and helped me play with it.

I had a pleasant afternoon after all, but was glad when Daddy came to announce that it was time to go home. On the way home I thought how lucky I was to have nice boys for brothers instead of someone as mean as LV.


  1. Good story that reminds me of some uncomfortable times visiting friends of my parents when I was a kid.
    L.V. at least had some use. He made you appreciate your brothers more!

  2. I'm totally agreeing with the poster above. LV was good for something after all! That rascally LV!

    I so understand the "I want to go home" feeling. Lots of times I feel out of place and I wonder if its because I just think way too much of me instead of other people.

  3. Oh I remember those feelings of wanting to go home. I remember visiting friends of my parents that had no children, so I would just have to sit and be on my very best behavior for what seemed like hours and hours!
    Sunny :)

  4. That L.V. sounds like a real pill. Ugh! Very hard to take!

  5. I never knew there was a rule about black blankets for Sunday's use. I guess my friends Alvin fishers didn't have babies anymore and so I never saw a black blanket in their house.

  6. I grew up with a boy like L.V. too! Some boys can be SO mean!
    Wow - I didn't know about the "black blanket" thing either! Interesting!

  7. we should start a club...Commentors Against LV. Our motto can be "Just say "no" to LV."

    :) I admit I'm having way too much fun with this LV thing. :)


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