Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Back!

After traveling over 700 miles to spend the week end with family I'm back home again, and hopefully will be able to start a more regular blogging schedule again.

We started off on Friday afternoon and drove until what we considered to be bedtime. We found a hotel and..... let me interrupt by saying our experiences with travelling and hotels over the past five years have taught us a lot but we have added another lesson to our things not to repeat folder.

Never willingly choose to stay at hotel that is right across the road from a busy truck stop. All night long we were awakened by trucks starting up and then they all clanged horribly as they drove down the road. The next morning we discovered why, when we saw the mother of all potholes that every single truck had to hit when they turned out on the road.

There wasn't much to see on along the way so we had to find other means to break the boredom. Taking turns to balance a stuffed toy on our head provided a few moments of fun. Sunbeam was declared the winner even though she used her hands to help a little. Her intent expression was priceless.

There was a lot of road work along the way and I have this thing that prompts me to count. I counted more construction cones than I would like to admit. It gets very wearisome especially if they're spread out over 14 miles at a time.

We got a kick out of the smart cars on the road. I think I would get claustrophobic inside one of those toys. Since we spent our first thirty years with a horse and buggy, we feel no need to try to save the environment by driving one of those things. We have already more than done our part in being green and for anyone who wants to be more environmentally friendly we still have a harness for a horse that they are quite welcome to use for the next thirty years.

We spent a very enjoyable two days with one of my cousins and her family. On Sunday afternoon everyone went to a nearby park where their 14 year old daughter took a lot of pictures. She had Rosebud pose for a number of pictures and then shared some of them with us.

We enjoyed our much needed "vacation" and came home recharged and ready to go on with our life.


  1. What a great getaway! Sounds like some good family time. With the ages my kids are, I don't want to travel with or without them! ha ha I won't leave them to an empty house (although they'd love that!) and none seem too eager to take a road trip with the family. We did do some fun ones when they were younger though and I know that keeping everyone happy for a long ride is quite a task. The pictures of the girls are absolutely ADORABLE!!! So cute ~ ♥

  2. I just wanted to stop in and thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Cute daughter.

    Awesome taco ring.


  3. LOL! A left over harness, eh? :P Thanks! :)


  4. Glad you could have a nice vacation with your family. It is so fun to get away for a few days and visit family.
    I am with you on the construction though. It seems like any direction you go some road has cones that go on and on.
    I agree, you spend alot of years with a horse and buggy you have definately done your part to keep the world a little greener.

  5. Sounds like a great time and I LOVE your get-over-it approach to any who might think to criticize you for not owning a "toy" car. You really CAN'T compete with a horse and buggy. :) Funny girl.

  6. Thank you for sharing with us. Like you I have traveled so much I am contented to stay put. Glad you all are back home safe and sound.

  7. Glad you had a good holiday.
    Here in the UK we seem to have roadworks on EVERY road. We get so tired of it. But our roads are smaller than yours, it must be a nightmare for you. I know it isn't funny but I had a giggle at the thought of all the truckers hitting the pothole. Hard luck when you're trying to sleep though.

  8. Great getaway. Glad you are back. Enjoyed the pics.


  9. Welcome back. Cute pictures.
    Sunny :)

  10. glad you are back home safe and sound...you were missed...and your "motel" adventures were a hoot!!! never to late to learn are we??? God Bless...hugs...Ora ps...the pics were cute!!!!

  11. Very cute pictures of the girls!
    Good lesson about the motel. I'll look for potholes and surrounding truck stops before checking in.


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